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Ansell Contempo Nuda Condoms and Rough Rider Condoms, Ansell LifeStyle 3 speed Vibrating Ring, Ansell LIfeStyle Liquid Lubricant and Ansell LIfeStyle Assorted Condoms.

Ansell Contempo Rough Rider Condoms 12

Ansell Contempo Rough Rider Condoms 12
Price: NZD$13.98
Additional Information:

  • Nominal Width: 53mm +/-2mm
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Shape: Straight shaft and studded
  • Lubricant: Non-spermicidal
  • Material: Latex

Product details

When you want extra stimulation, Rough Rider is the one. Raised studs on Rough Rider provide extra sensation and excitement. Rough Rider - for those seeking to shed inhibitions and maximize performance.