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Lovelight condoms is the only glow condom that has its glowing effect. Light it up in 2 different ways.

Lovelight 12 pack

Lovelight 12 pack
Price: NZD$11.98
Additional Information:

  • Nominal Width: 52mm +/-2mm
  • Thickness: 0.08mm
  • Colour: Green
  • Shape: Straight Walled. Teat at tip
  • Lubricant base: Silicon
  • Lubricant: Non-spermicidal
  • Material: Latex

Product details


Turn it on - Rise and Shine

LOVE LIGHT IS THE ONLY GLOW CONDOM THAT HAS ITS GLOWING EFFECT SEEN ALMOST TO THE FULL LENGTH OF THE CONDOM. Love Light condoms are the first and only male glow in the dark condoms to have US FDA approval. In order to glow, LOVE LIGHT condoms need to be exposed to light for about 30 seconds. You can choose to light it up on three ways: while the condom is still in its wrapper; when you are putting on the condom; or after it is already on.

If you expose the condom to light while its still rolled up in the wrapper, the tip will glow more than the rest of the condom once it is unrolled. For best results, keep the light on bright while you put on the condom, or turn up the lights for about 30 seconds after you have put it on. When you turn off the lights, prepare for a night to remember!

LOVE LIGHT will glow brightly for about 15 minutes, followed by an after glow that can last for hours. Re-exposing the condom to light while it is still on will recharge it and make it glow brightly again. But remember, you should never reuse a condom.

For single use only. Read the Label and use as directed.