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Ultra V 10 capsules

Ultra V 10 capsules
Price: NZD$69.99
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  • Ultra V performance supplement
  • 10 capsules

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How does it work?
UltraV has been researched, formulated and manufactured in New Zealand to the  
highest licensed medicines production standards. Building on the considerable foundation and 
reputation established by MegaV, SP Health International’s UltraV represents further progress 
in the development of improved true clean natural assistance for men who want the assurance 
that the product they are using is made from 100% organic materials of the highest quality.   
Natural herbs and extracts of immaculate purity are combined with  Tribulus terrestris which has 
long been used in the Unani and Ayurveda holistic medical regimes as an aphrodisiac and, as with 
Eurycoma longifolia, demonstrated in clinical studies to substantially increase testosterone levels 
and to grow muscle mass and fortify strength levels. The activation of UltraV is augmented with 
a proprietary blend of herbals, vitamins and trace elements especially designed to give men the  
boost they need for peak vigour and sexual potency. The result is vital performance enhancement  
that will naturally support normal male function and sustain stamina and energy without those 
unpleasant side-effects that may be experienced with prescription drugs. 

The new direction taken in the formulation of UltraV means that optimum effects are 
not in place for at least 90 minutes. However the final effects are consistent, robust and enduring. 
A major advantage for  UltraV is the number of members of our trial panel who reported      
excellent results obtained for an extended period considerably exceeding previous outcomes 
with similar products. Naturally because of metabolism and physiological differences results may 
be delayed or differ for some men for a variety of reasons.

DOSAGE: Take two capsules with a glass of water at least two 
hours prior to any activity. For optimum results take on an empty 
stomach with a warm drink and avoid alcohol.  Do not exceed the 
stated dose.

Eurycoma longifolia         ……………….      200mg
Cordyceps sinensis         ……………….,, 150mg
Panax ginseng                 ………………... 120mg
Epimedium brevicornum  ………………..  75mg
Tribulus terrestris           ………………..  50mg
Also contains a 135gm proprietary blend of herbals, vitamins and trace 
elements formulated to support men’s sexual health and performance.

Caution: Discontinue use if any adverse reaction is experienced.
Men with angina, blood pressure problems, diabetes, or diagnosed 
heart disease or taking any medication or herbal product that 
thins blood should consult a health care professional before use.            
This product is not intended to treat or cure any medical       

Warranty: UltraV does not contain any Western medicines 
or prescription drugs. In particular the product does not contain 
sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, vardenafil or similar pharmaceuticals.